My review of “Chuck” Episode 4.17 (“Chuck vs. the First Bank of Evil”) (Spoiler Alert!)

In last week’s review of “Chuck vs. the Masquerade,” I said that I wasn’t quite ready to say that Vivian would turn out to be a villain or antagonist for Chuck and the rest of Team Bartowski. Having seen “Chuck vs. the First Bank of Evil” and how it showed Vivian’s realization that she was never far from her father’s thoughts, as well as her sense of being hurt and betrayed by Chuck and the CIA for not being permitted to meet with her father, I can see that there is definitely potential for her to go “down the dark path.” This all depends, however, on what specific revelations she has about Alexei, and how she chooses to act on that information. She could indeed choose to follow in her father’s footsteps for at least a short time, but I’m still not convinced that she will stay on that path and let it “dominate [her] destiny.” (Sorry, I watched Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back over the weekend and I had to get a few Force references in there. :-))

The main spy mission story of infiltrating and robbing the “Bank of Evil” was fun, but I couldn’t get into Chuck and Sarah’s parts in it quite as much as in past episodes, which makes sense since the whole point and purpose of the spy story was to further facilitate Vivian gaining an increased understanding of her father and how he felt about her. I did, however, get a kick out of Chuck and Sarah’s cheerful banter (mid-robbery, no less) about the wedding planning and Sarah finally picking out a dress.

Speaking of the wedding plans, I thought that the moments between Ellie and Sarah were sweet and very funny, especially at the end when Ellie was taken aback by how uber-enthusiastic Sarah had become about planning the wedding after finding her perfect wedding gown. As far as the gown scene itself is concerned, Yvonne Strahovski did a great non-verbal acting job (as usual :-)) portraying Sarah’s hesitancy, boredom, and frustration in trying on different wedding gowns, and then her teary-eyed delight when she found the right one. That whole sub-plot felt a bit more abbreviated than I would have liked, but hopefully as the season goes on, we’ll get more of a chance to explore Sarah’s growing excitement over being a bride.

The second sub-plot of Morgan looking for another place to live, Jeff & Lester’s mischievous interference with his search, and his eventual arrangement to live with Casey was funny, and I thought it made good use of Big Mike, Jeff and Lester given that most of this episode was very much focused away from the Buy More (I do look forward to seeing more of them, though). The apartment subplot, as well as Chuck and Sarah’s brief exchange with Casey in Castle, also served as a good way of foreshadowing the March 14th episode (“Chuck vs. the A-Team”) in which Chuck and Sarah investigate what Casey has been up to (an official synopsis can be found here at

In the end, this episode didn’t exactly “wow” me like some of the other episodes have this season, but I definitely enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to March 14th! 🙂

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