Why I don’t want to push for a “Chuck” movie…Yet.

Over the last few days, I’ve seen a lot of talk among some Chuck fans about pushing for a movie to continue the show’s story, and perhaps bring about a more traditional “storybook” ending for Chuck and Sarah. As anyone who knows me online or in person can attest, I’m a huge fan of Chuck, and I’d love to see the story continue in some fashion further down the road. However, I think it’s premature to push for a Chuck movie at this point, for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, the cast, crew, show runners, and writers of Chuck have worked extremely hard these past few years to bring us an entertaining story, and they’ve been more approachable and accommodating to fans than virtually any other TV or movie cast/crew/production team I know of. If any group of people have earned the right to move on to new projects and/or rest on their laurels as they see fit, it’s them.

Second, many of us within the fan community could stand to have a bit more time to come to grips with the ending of the show, and gain the perspective that time and distance provides. Plus, the Chuck cast have plenty of new projects coming down the pike, and we should all be eager to see what they’ll be up to next!

Third, we should look at this from the business and financial perspective. Any movie project, whether it’s an online-only movie like Zac Levi has suggested, a straight-to-DVD release, or a full-fledged major motion picture release in traditional theaters, will need financial backers. The fact of the matter is, no investor will want to spend money on a film project unless they can be reasonably sure that they will at least recoup their investment, and ideally turn a healthy profit.

So, how could investors be persuaded that a Chuck movie project would be a sound investment? Well, the best way to approach that problem is to demonstrate as large a potential audience for said movie project as possible. To that end, there are a few things we as Chuck fans can do.

We as fans can carry out our own personal efforts to attract new fans. Yep, we can go right back to the tried & true grassroots approach of having friends and family over for Chuck viewing parties, sharing DVDs with others, donating DVD copies to our local public libraries, and giving people DVD copies and/or iTunes downloads as gifts. This is slow going, but it’s as good a place to start as any. And as @GrayJones has mentioned on Twitter, DVD/Blu-Ray sales will be a key influence for the next part of drawing in new fans: Syndication. In addition to drawing in new fans and thus bolstering the ranks of a potential movie audience, syndication benefits the cast and production team by allowing them to earn money in the form of residuals. Syndication could be a very good thing for Chuck in a number of ways, but I can’t stress this enough: syndication chances are improved the more that DVD & Blu-Ray sales are increased, and that’s where our initial focus should be. Encouraging new fans to download Chuck on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, and Zune.net/XBox Live Zune Marketplace could help syndication efforts as well.

One thing I’ve given a lot of thought to–and I’d like to hear input from other Chuck fans on this–is what network would be in the best position to attract the largest number of new fans. I initially considered networks like SyFy and G4, which are part of the NBC Universal family and which hit Chuck‘s target audience dead-on, but then I figured that they wouldn’t have as large a potential overall audience as other networks might (especially since not everyone gets SyFy and G4, depending on their level of cable/satellite service).

This lead me to consider USA Network and (as was suggested by @EmilyDembosky), TNT. Neither network has a very strong focus on Chuck‘s target audience, but I think either network would have the potential to draw in a very large amount of new viewers for the show. USA Network certainly runs a lot of NCIS and Law & Order: SVU marathons, so it seems to me like they could easily free up a few time slots here and there to run Chuck five days a week! 🙂 (It doesn’t hurt that USA Network is also part of the NBC/Universal family, either.)

Well, those are my thoughts on the matter of syndication for Chuck, and a Chuck movie. If anyone has any ideas to add, please feel free to do so in the comments section! 🙂

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