My thanks to Gray, Mel, and Liz for their efforts with “Chuck vs. the Podcast” and ChuckTV.Net

Back in February 2010, when I first became a fan of Chuck, I really wasn’t sure where to turn for information about the show beyond NBC’s and Warner Bros.’ websites. Luckily, a Google search turned up a treasure trove of info: ChuckTV.Net, the outstanding Chuck fan website run by Mel Lowery (@chucktvdotnet) & Liz Henderson (@PrlsOfLizdom). In addition to providing a wealth of news & information about Chuck, Mel & Liz’ outstanding site introduced me to “Chuck vs. the Podcast,” the fun & informative Chuck podcast created & hosted by Graham “Gray” Jones (@GrayJones) and co-hosted by Mel & Liz.

With ChuckTV.Net and “Chuck vs. the Podcast,” Gray, Mel, and Liz have done an outstanding job keeping Chuck fans in the loop these last few years with news, spoilers, and tons of awesome behind-the-scenes interviews with Chuck‘s creators, writers, crew, and cast. As just one example, the podcast’s 1st episode featured a phone interview with none other than Sarah Walker herself, Yvonne Strahovski! Gray, Mel, and Liz’ efforts have played an important role in not only informing fans about Chuck, but in helping me personally feel like a member of a larger community. It was an article on ChuckTV.Net that first prompted me to join Twitter, which connected me with the wider network of Chuck fans around the world and also helped me connect with new friends & acquaintances who may not watch Chuck, but who I share other interests with.

I recently finished watching the final three episodes of “Chuck vs. the Podcast.” I think I delayed watching these final podcast episodes because of how integral to my fan experience ChuckTV.Net and “Chuck vs. the Podcast” have been; prolonging the end of the podcast for me was, in a way, like prolonging the “end” of my experience with Chuck itself. The more I think about it, though, the more I am reminded that while Chuck‘s run of new episodes may be over, the experience of Chuck fans is not. We still have DVDs to watch, new fans to bring into the fold, and if we’re very lucky, a movie to help spread the word about if the opportunity presents itself down the road. Whatever happens, I’m sure that Gray, Mel, & Liz will be there to serve as a voice of the Chuck fan community, as they always have.

Gray, Mel, and Liz, I know I speak for Chuck fans the world over when I say, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You & God Bless for all you’ve done for us and for Chuck itself. If I’m ever lucky enough to thank you all in person at some point, first round of drinks is on me! 🙂

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2 Responses to My thanks to Gray, Mel, and Liz for their efforts with “Chuck vs. the Podcast” and ChuckTV.Net

  1. grahamajones says:

    Thanks so much, Matt! Your encouragement over the years has meant more than you know.

  2. Liz says:

    Thanks Matt! Fans like you made it all worth it. It’s been tons of fun and I hope to keep it going with Chuck as well as other fandoms.

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