A quick poll for “World of Warcraft” players on leveling from 1-58

Hi! As a lot of folks who know me on Twitter and in person are aware, I’m a big fan of the online game World of Warcraft. I wanted to do a quick blog post & poll for fellow WoW fans on something I was curious about, so those of you who don’t play the game may feel free to disregard this post. 🙂

Note for WoW fans: I primarily play Alliance characters (I do have some Horde alts, though. :-))

I recently set out to level several alts entirely in the Eastern Kingdoms continent, as I had spent most of the time with past characters leveling in Kalimdor. However, as I got one alt to the Level 35-40 range, I found that I just wasn’t enjoying questing in the Eastern Kingdoms as much (the zones of Stranglethorn are fun, as are Westfall, Redridge Mountains, and Duskwood, but Western Plaguelands just didn’t hold my interest for some reason). So, I took the alt in question over to Feralas to get it up to Level 40 before switching to another alt, and I’m finding that I really do enjoy the feel of the zones in Kalimdor much better from Level 20 onward.

So, here’s my poll question for my fellow WoW fans:

If you’d like to go into more detail on your choice in the Comments section, please feel free! (Just keep the language family-friendly as much as you can, please! :-)) Also, please check out this guide website I created a while back for new WoW players, and see what you think! If you like it, please steer new players to it! http://mattswowguide.weebly.com

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