What it means to be a “Chuck” fan.

Tonight, I got an important reminder of what it means to be a Chuck fan…And it’s about more than just watching our favorite show.

Earlier this evening, a fellow Chuck fan commented on Twitter that she was considering deactivating her Twitter account, because she felt as though no one was really interested in talking to her anymore. Fortunately, a number of loyal fellow Chucksters stepped up to the plate and encouraged her to stay.

This reminded me that being a Chuck fan means more than just watching the show and encouraging as many people as we can to do the same (although that is an important part of it), and supporting the Chuck cast & writers in all their post-Chuck projects (although we should definitely do that too). It means that we should never take for granted the most awesome thing that this show has given to us: Each other.

Chuck has given us a group of like-minded Chucksters/Nerds/friends who are always ready to give each other an encouraging, friendly word when we need it. Finding the Chuck fan community was the first time I had ever encountered such a widespread community of fans outside of Star Trek, Star Wars, and World of Warcraft, and I will always be grateful for finding each & every one of you.

So, as we continue to watch Chuck, bring new fans into the fold, support the Chuck cast & crew, and work toward hopefully bringing about a continuation of Team Bartowski’s adventures in a Chuck movie, let us not forget to live up to the values of friendship, family, loyalty & camaraderie that are hallmarks of this show that we love.

Long Live Team Bartowski. Long Live Chuck. 🙂

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